Huge Teams Update πŸ‘¬

Doing nothing, is moving backwards. Thats why we always move forward, to continue to make Ploi even a better system for you to work with.  (And thats why we value your feedback very, very much) Refactored Teams Feature! Today we are...

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Happy New Year, Hetzner Support & Updates πŸŽ‡

Past week quite a few things have been added, changed and updated. One of the bigger updates is UpCloud support which we released a few weeks ago. This past week we have added Hetzner as supported server provider, this way you can easily create serv...

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UpCloud integration support with πŸ”₯

We partnered with UpCloud! πŸš€ UpCloud is a cloud hosting company and states that they provide the fastest cloud servers (generally speaking they tell everyone they are 50% faster than oth...

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Black Friday 2018 is coming up!

It’s that time of year again! For the next two days, you can upgrade or extend your current plan with a discount of 25% for a maximum of 2 months. Use this code to get the 25% discount: BLACKFRIDAY2018 We would also like to take this opportunit...

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Automatic File Backups now available! πŸ“Ž

It is now possible for users with a plan that contain automatic file backups to specify paths that they want to have backed up. You can save up unlimited backup locations to your website, each path that you specify will be verified if it exists....

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