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Are you looking for a Serverpilot alternative?

Ploi is the best solution to cover all your difficult server management tasks. Ploi helps you manage your servers securely without any difficult configuration.

Take a look at the features in the table below that we offer right out of the box to help you get started easily.

Feature ServerPilot
Flexible Load Balancing
Automatic Database Backups
Automatic File Backups
DNS Management
Server Insights
Cronjob Management
Site Monitoring
Flexible Subscriptions
Unmodified Original Linux Repositories
File Explorer
Extensive Team Management
Beautiful Crafted Status Pages
Staging to Production Management
Rollback deployments
Mobile App
Testing domains
Multiple PHP Versions Per Site
Notifications Slack, Discord, E-mail, Telegram, Pushover, Microsoft Teams, Rocket.Chat, Google Chat, Custom URL, Native mobile push notifications
Supported Server Types Web server, Database server, Redis server, Worker server, Load balancer server, Storage server, MeiliSearch server, Elasticsearch Server, Plain server, Email server Web server
Support E-mail, Ticket System, Discord E-mail
* This feature list is not legally binding. It could be that they have updated features that are not reflected properly here. We will always do our best to keep these lists up to date, if you notice we're running behind be sure to get us notified about any changes. Last updated on June 2nd, 2023.
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