Laravel Deployments

Dedicated command tab for Laravel #

Once you install your Laravel application, Ploi will automatically make the Laravel tab available for you. This tab is equipped with the most common artisan commands.

Think of the following commands:

  • php artisan down
  • php artisan up
  • php artisan route:cache
  • php artisan cache:clear
  • php artisan view:clear
  • And many more..

Dedicated environment editor #

Whether you need to do a small or big change to your .env file, there is no easier way than with the editor Ploi offers you.

Easily adjust all the variables, and if you don't have a default .env file, Ploi will automatically create one for you.

Composer package suggestions #

Sometimes packages come with dedicated commands which could by trivial to be ran by your deploy script. Ploi will automatically detect these packages and suggests you to add them to your deploy script.