Team management

Work together #

Work with your colleagues together as a team. Easily share & manage your servers as a team so you can collaborate.

Once you have a subscription that supports the team feature, you can create as many teams as you want. You are in full control over the members inside that team. You are in full control over your members inside that team.

Permissions #

Manage permissions per user & per server. As the team owner, you are in full control of the permissions distributed inside the team.

For example, you can give a specific team member database access only, and another member sites access. This way, you can easily separate the tasks inside your team.

Manage members #

As a team administrator, you are in full control of the members present in your team. Easily invite new members or add existing ones.

If a user already exists in Ploi, he or she will be automatically notified through the notification system. If the user does not exist, he or she will receive a unique invite link that is valid for 60 minutes.

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