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Branding kit for you to show off with

We've put together a pack of logos for you to show off with on your website or community.

Since August 2019 we decided to ditch our logo, we thought for a long while about this and came to the conclusion: why not just remove the logo?

Scroll down to find out more information about our logo, rules & guidelines. You will also find a link to download the complete kit.

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Styles & guides

It is allowed to write our name as "Ploi", "ploi" or "", generally it does not matter. The specific detail comes when you look at the TLD in our name. The "ploi" part is bold while the ".io" part is normal font weight.

An example is:

The font family we use is "Helvetica Neue", where we use a line height of 1.5 & font size of 1.5rem on our website.

Name HEX Result
Primary color #1853DB
Primary dark shade #0E3283
Primary light shade #A3BAF1

TL;DR: do's & dont's


  • Use the Ploi logo in blog posts or news articles
  • Use the Ploi logo on your website to link to the Ploi website


  • Do not merge the Ploi logo into yours
  • Do not sell the Ploi logo
  • Do not change the colors, proportions & typography
  • Do not behave 'as' Ploi, make sure you are distinguishable as 3rd party

Please get in touch with us if you want to use branding which is not included on this page.

Download logos and banner kit By downloading you agree to the terms of service and terms stated above.
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