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Ploi celebrates its
five-year anniversary

Yes, we've been here since 2018 👀

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Ploi celebrates its five-year anniversary
We became officially partnered with
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We created an app for Android & iOS

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8 March 2019

Introducing: Load Balancing 🛰️

We are very proud to introduce load balancing!

In a nutshell: Load balancing is a way to evenly distribute traffic between several servers to reduce load on your webservers and have a higher uptime. You have 1 load balancing server that distributes the traffic between the assigned webservers.

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Our features

Within 5 years we managed to create tons of smart features


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Company progress

Ploi became Registered trademark in Benelux & Europe

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Whats up next?

We keep moving forward, check out our roadmap

Rocket Cloud

Ability to clone entire server

I can see the ability to clone a site, but what about an entire server? This would be especially useful when you have a load balancer. Need to create a new load balanced instance? Just click clone server.

Node version manager

Currently Ploi installs node/npm LTS version. We have some projects that need an older version of node/npm to build assets, so it would be very helpful for us to have a node version manager installed by Ploi so that we can switch node version in the deploy script. For example nvm or n.

Database backup drivers

The more database drivers we support the more flexible it all becomes together. Having the full flexibility to choose any driver you want is awesome.

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