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Manage your server via the mobile app

In today’s fast-paced digital world, staying connected and responsive is more important than ever, especially for developers and system administrators who need to manage servers and deploy applications on the fly. That’s where the Ploi app steps in - a comprehensive server management solution right at your fingertips.

Our mobile app is designed to bring the power and flexibility of Ploi, the renowned server management platform, to your mobile device. This app is not just an extension of our web platform but a complete mobile-optimized tool that empowers you to manage your servers, deployments, and more, anytime and anywhere.

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Everything you need

Another great way to manage your services

Manage servers
Create servers with your mobile phone and easily 1-click install websites, databases & much more.
Manage sites
1-click install WordPress with your mobile phone, enable a testing domain and be on your way!
Everything you do is over a secured line, any sensitive data is encrypted.
Tablet supported
The Ploi app is not only available for phones, but also for tablets!
Push notifications
Select which notifications you want to receive, like deploy notifications. Set these up per device you want to receive notifications on.
First party
The Ploi app is an app developed by the Ploi team. No 3rd party stuff, all direct integrations!
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