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Account security

We've ensured you are able to completely secure your account so no intruders can access your account.

Scroll down to see the features we offer to safely secure your account.

Account security

Two factor authentication

Two factor authentication is a proven method to secure your account properly.

Download the authenticator app, scan the QR code and verify it right away.

Each time you log in, you will be asked to enter a token before you get access to your account.

IP lock

If you want to go even more strict, you can also enable IP lock. This allows you to only allow specific IP addresses to your account.

Whenever you log in from a new location, you will receive an email containing a unique code to unlock your account on the unknown IP address.

You can even combine this feature with the two factor authentication enabled, to increase security even more.

IP lock

Password change notifications

When your account's password gets updated, you'll receive an email about this right away letting you know a change has happened.

Login history

Check up on your login history, to see whether there is any suspicious activity.

Login history
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