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It is this easy

Yes, really, that's it. You're now ready to get started. We install a default HTML template for you (basic index.html file), so you can easily verify it. This template looks like this:

Once you open your domain in Ploi, you can install a Github, Bitbucket, or Gitlab repository. You'll also be able to use the 1-click installers for WordPress, OctoberCMS, and NextCloud.

Full GIT control

We allow you to easily install GIT repositories, supported are: Bitbucket, Github, Gitlab & custom repositories. We even display them in a nice dropdown for you to easily select from.

1-click installers

We offer a variety of 1-click installers to set up your application quickly. Set up your site in a matter of minutes.

1-click installers

PHP versions per site

Run your legacy apps with other PHP versions like it is nothing. Easily change PHP versions per site so you can you run the legacy apps that require different versions.

Site monitoring

You can monitor your site with Ploi from several locations.

Learn more about site monitoring
Site monitoring

Staging to production

Do you want to enable a staging website for your customer to view before going live? Enable the staging feature to easily manage this.

Learn more about staging to production

Scheduled deployments

Imagine never having to worry about pushing updates during high traffic hours or critical business periods. With Scheduled Deployments, you can now plan your updates, fixes, or feature rollouts for times when your users are least affected, such as off-peak hours or weekends.

Learn more about scheduled deployments
Scheduled deployments
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