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As you might of noticed a lot has changed; we ditched the logo and changed the complete design.

We have changed our primary color from #62A6A6 to #1853DB, a very clean blue color. With that we have dropped the logo, basically the logo now is “”:

With this update there are also some significant changes under the hood, we have optimized a lot in the backend for your comfort.

To sum up the changes;

  • Ditched our logo (all text now)
  • Changed branding color from #62A6A6 to #1853DB
  • Completely redesigned frontend website
  • Completely hauled over the panel design
  • Changed login, register & password forget page
  • Code editor highlighting added
  • Exported sites & servers to 1 general search bar
  • A lot of new features added to API (server creation is still in progress & changelog page is coming to
  • Ability to export personal user data to see what we save
  • Speed improvements panel
  • Bug fixes panel
And we’re not done yet! In this month we will be doing a lot of stuff to our API and we also have some very nice features coming to the panel.

We’d appreciate your opinion about this, be sure to let us know what you think!

04 August 2019


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