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PHP 8.0 has been released on November 26th and we've had support for PHP since the RC versions. You may easily 1-click install PHP 8.0 via the PHP tab in your server.

Do note, since PHP 8.0 is fresh, not all applications will properly run or support PHP 8.0 yet. Obviously, with Ploi, you can easily serve multiple PHP versions per website so you can easily test this.

WordPress Quality of Life Improvement
We're planning on improving the WordPress integration even more. Over the last 2,5 years we've seen quite a few users submit WordPress feature to us that could be a major improvement to set up WordPress even more easily.

To keep track of everything we made a roadmap card with a list of features we're going to add. Feel free to add your comment with a feature suggestion for improving WordPress support & integration in Ploi!

  • [Added] PHP 8.0 officially 🥳
  • [Added] Webserver templates
  • [Added] Max connection settings for load balancers available
  • [Added] {COMMIT_MESSAGE} deploy script variable is now available
  • [Added] PHP CLI aliases for quick CLI versions (php56, php70, etc)
  • [Added] Ability to add description to network rules
  • [Added] Ability to see the source of a deployment (e.g. button, API, quick deploy, web hook, synced)
  • [Added] Ability to select per SSH key in your profile if they need to be pushed to newly created servers
  • [Added] Ability to disable robots for a site (settings tab site level)
  • [Added] In SSL tab, you may now 1-click add all the added aliases easily to request SSL certificates
  • [Added] In server providers tab (profile level) you may now see how many servers are attached to that server provider
  • [Added] Turkish language
  • [Improved] Health checker now checks from 4 locations after deployment, to see reachability and response time ✨
  • [Fixed] Quick deploy received several fixes to improve stability
  • [Fixed] Currency symbol in invoices
  • [Fixed] Bugfix in social login on register page
  • [Fixed] Render type for automatic order PDF has changed because unreadability for specific tools
  • [Fixed] General design fixes, such as border radius not visible in dark mode and more

Changelog Ploi Core
  • [Added] Ability to isolate sites per (Ploi Core) user & site
  • [Added] Currencies: NOK, AUD, CAD
  • [Added] Ability to specify per user if a account password is needed to get FTP password
  • [Added] Default language setting
  • [Added] Sorting in billing for packages
  • [Added] Coupon feature in billing
  • [Added] Ability to create alert messages for your users
  • [Added] Cloudflare DNS support
  • [Added] Theme support (
  • [Added] Ability to upload your own logo
  • [Fixed] Norwegian language key was wrong

Changelog Ploi API

07 December 2020


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