Black Friday 2019!

We have had a lot of questions about Black Friday for this year, if we are participating in this discount round. Well good news, because we are! Enjoy 50% discount to extend your current subscription for a month 🀝 Use the following code while u...

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Storage servers released! πŸ“¦

Storage servers are now available Your own file storage for your applications, it could not get any easier. Object storage with Amazon S3 support at its finest, most applications work out of the box because of the S3 support so it could not get an...

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Sit back, we have a lot to tell you 🀩

Important change to notifications πŸ“‘ We are currently changing the way the notifications are handled in Ploi and want our users to be able to customize more in what they receive and where they receive notifications. Thats why you can now define β€˜Cha...

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So we ditched our logo.. 🀟

As you might of noticed a lot has changed; we ditched the logo and changed the complete design. We have changed our primary color from #62A6A6 to #1853DB, a very clean blue color. With that we have dropped the logo, basically the logo now is β€œploi.i...

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Site Uptime Monitor & PostgreSQL support

Site Uptime Monitor We now offer the ability for users with the Unlimited plan to monitor their websites. We currently offer 2 locations: US & Singapore, we will be expanding this in the upcoming month to support more locations. This is a real nice...

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