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To keep up with all the demanding tasks Ploi has to do, we’ve added a new worker to our infrastructure which might require action from your side.

This new worker will be running upcoming Thursday as we want to make sure everyone gets the time to allow their setup from this new IP address.

You can find the new IP address here:

Or by running the /ips endpoint in our API:

Do I have to take action?

If you use whitelisting in your firewalls or other software that allows access to your servers, you’ll need to whitelist this new IP address.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns!


  • [Added] Ability to use Google Chat as a notification provider
  • [Added] Ability to have your own deployments without having a repository installed
  • [Added] Ability to read MySQL/MariaDB logs (server level, logs tab)
  • [Added] Improved sorting for UpCloud plans in the server builder
  • [Added] New insight that inspects NGINX worker connections limit reached
  • [Added] Raised server monitoring data to go back to 24 hours instead of 6
  • [Added] Restore feature to NGINX config editor
  • [Added] Docker networks tab to view all docker networks
  • [Added] Ability to edit SSH keys in the profile area
  • [Added] Ability to edit backup configurations in the profile area
  • [Added] Edit environment button available for "I’ll manage my own deployment" sites
  • [Improved] Applications for worker servers have advanced repository installation now as well
  • [Improved] Laravel tab: Separated the Horizon statistics card from the Horizon daemon card
  • [Fixed] Uptime monitor notification fix for pushover
  • [Fixed] Load balancer design fixes
  • [Fixed] Ability to force-run site file backups now works again from the backups overview
  • [Fixed] Bug when adding a basic auth user with path "/", would crash NGINX

22 November 2022


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