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We're thrilled to announce the rollout of a fresh feature to simplify your deployment process—Scheduled Deployments. Yes, you read it right!

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We understand that managing deployments can sometimes be a juggling act. Coordinating different teams, dealing with different time zones, or simply wanting to schedule updates during non-peak hours, these challenges are all too real. And that's where Scheduled Deployments come in.

Scheduled Deployments allow you to set up deployments for a future date and time of your choosing. Like setting your morning alarm, you can now schedule your deployments and let Ploi handle the rest. Sleep easy knowing your updates will go live at the perfect moment, even if you're away from your desk or sleeping!

We’ve also went ahead and added 2 new deploy script variables for deploy script logic implementations.

  • {ANY_DEPLOYMENT_SCHEDULED} - Will return a 1 or 0 if there’s a deployment scheduled
  • {DEPLOYMENT_SCHEDULED_AT} - Will return the first scheduled deployment date

You can even use the API to schedule your deployment. You can read more about that here:

📣 Your Feedback Matters!

We love hearing from you! Your experiences, suggestions, and stories help us grow and make Ploi better each day. If you've found Ploi's server management tool helpful, we'd be thrilled if you could take a few moments to leave a review.

Visit, where you can choose your favorite platform to share your thoughts. Remember, your words have power - they can inspire our team and guide fellow developers looking for the perfect server management solution. So, let your voice be heard!

Thanks for your ongoing support. Every single review brings a smile to our faces and keeps us striving for excellence. We can't wait to read your review! 😊

Happy scheduling, everyone! 


  • [Added] Scheduled deployments ⏰
  • [Added] New insight to check whether your OPcache is full (
  • [Added] When deleting a tenant, and a certificate was present, it will delete that now
  • [Added] SSH button to easier access SSH inside your server
  • [Added] NodeJS service restart option for staging to production sites
  • [Added] User agent to the health checks
  • [Added] Ability to synchronize production to staging (so the reverse)
  • [Added] Failover mail configuration to increase deliverability if a service goes out
  • [Added] Syncing production sites back to staging
  • [Improved] Site file backup failures are now detected better
  • [Fixex] Max children insight wasn’t running properly and would never show itself
  • [Fixed] API token expiring emails only for the Ploi client

Changelog API

  • [Added] Custom server creation requests now allow custom SSH ports
  • [Added] Deploy webhook is now in the response
  • [Started] A brand new backups endpoint, which will release very soon

12 July 2023


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