Clone Sites & Notification System Update! πŸ”₯

Clone Sites It is now possible to clone your websites to your other servers, it will copy over all the files automatically for you. You can clone a website by going to the β€˜Manage’ tab in site level. There you will find a button β€˜Clone Site’ to head...

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Database server type & Server updates πŸš€

Database Server Type This week we have launched a new server type called β€œDatabase server”, this allows you to create a database specific server for other servers to connect with. Currently we support MySQL & MariaDB, and we are working on MongoDB a...

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Server Infrastructure Update

We are updating our server infrastructure, therefore we will have a new IP address. πŸ›° Do I need to change or do anything?There is no action required from your end if you have everything setup. If you are using IP whitelisting in your favorite server...

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File Explorer Feature & Free Larabug 🐞

File Explorer Today we have released a new feature; the server file explorer, easily manage your folders & files through the Ploi panel. This feature was built silently in the background and was now ready for its first release πŸŽ‰ ο»Ώο»Ώ This feature is...

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Partnership with Hetzner! 😍

We are very proud to announce we have established an official partnership with Hetzner, this partnership is a big step for us moving forward. πŸ‘ We are still working on partnering up with the other providers that are available in our integrations s...

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