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The first time we get back to you in 2022! It’s been a while, but for clear reasons. Let’s update you in this post!

Mobile app update

We’ve revamped the app a lot, it was long due since release and small releases but finally, we’re proud to do one of the bigger releases once again. Android is currently already available and Apple is currently reviewing our submitted build.

One of the significant updates to the app is Biometrics, allowing you to protect the app with Face ID / Touch ID / Fingerprint Sensor / Face recognition. Be sure to try it out!

Laravel logs tab

Laravel lovers unite! We’ve always felt reading Laravel logs is a pain (because you had to login into SSH). That’s why we added this beautiful logs view to the Laravel tab, where you can read all the log files from your Laravel application.

Whitelist IP addresses for API tokens

Another security update besides the biometric update in the mobile app, we’ve also gone ahead and added the ability to whitelist IPs per API token. This will improve security significantly when using the Ploi API.

That’s it?

No, besides these updates we have a packed change log again. As well as for the app, Ploi itself, the API and Ploi Core. We have also been very busy in January with bug fixing in the background, doing responsive fixes, and rewriting our tests.


It is good to know that our changelogs are handwritten and do not always contain every piece of change in our system, some changes are too small to document so we just skip them entirely. Being said, we’ve focused a lot on bug fixing reported from our discord in the roadmap. Most is background stuff that you can’t see, but good progress has been made!


We’ve had a few reports from users via support or discord telling us a few things were ‘off’ when using the responsive version of the Ploi panel. We’re actively working on that and have already made significant changes. 


Back in 2017 when we started with Ploi, its tests grew fairly slowly with it. Until 2021 December it had 854 tests with decent coverage. In January 2022 we’ve decided to drop all the PHPUnit tests we had, and start fresh in PestPHP. As you can imagine, this is a time-consuming task to rewrite 854 tests from scratch. So why do it?

2 reasons:

  • We want to have a higher coverage of our own written code to ensure every piece of route, class, function, service, util and so on is tested thoroughly.
  • We want to raise our code quality, by rewriting our tests, we’re also re-evaluating our code and are able to decide whether something needs a refactor, and then get a fresh test.

Up until now with rewriting to PestPHP tests, we’re at 117 tests with 365 assertions. In future news posts, we’ll keep you informed about our progression!

Changelog App

  • [Added] Server insights
  • [Added] PHP 8.1 option when installing a server
  • [Added] Biometrics (Face ID/Touch ID/Fingerprint) authentication for extra security
  • [Added] Ability to reload PHP OPcache (server level, PHP tab)
  • [Updated] Cleaned a lot of code, reduced app size
  • [Updated] Core versions that improve performance
  • [Updated] Status tab when a service has the right status, disable the correct buttons (stop/restart/start)
  • [Updated] Reduced header size which allows more room for data & lists
  • [Updated] Removed search in the header and added searches in overviews
  • [Updated] Removed number of SSH keys in the dashboard (why did we have this there anyway?)
  • [Fixed] Status indicator pulsating margins

Changelog Ploi

  • [Added] Staging production sites now have deploy script variables as well
  • [Added] Ability to install Amplify for Ubuntu 20 as well
  • [Added] Ability to select branches from a dropdown when installing a GIT repository
  • [Added] A new deploy script variable {DO_NOT_NOTIFY} is now available to skip notifications
  • [Added] When using the Ploi Raycast extension, log items will show a badge that it’s been performed through Raycast
  • [Added] Ability to restart a daemon via a deploy script with {RESTART_DAEMON 1} (where 1 is the ID of your daemon)
  • [Added]
  • [Added] Ability to whitelist IP addresses for API tokens
  • [Updated] Responsive, still not there but we’ve come a long way
  • [Updated] New invoice design
  • [Updated] Automatic incident reporting for status pages now use the label if entered for a server, instead of the name
  • [Updated] Nextcloud 1-click installer to version 23
  • [Fixed] Several bugfixes for database backups have been done
  • [Fixed] Refreshing DigitalOcean’s plan would not grab them all (API pagination issue)
  • [Fixed] Custom interval for cronjobs when using @reboot is now allowed
  • [Fixed] MeiliSearch client now uses bearer token to communicate with your meilisearch server
  • [Fixed] When using Google Drive backups and the rotation, we didn’t add the supportsAllDrives flag so shared drive rotation didn’t work, fixed now
  • [Released] Raycast Ploi extension is now available (

Changelog API

Changelog Ploi Core

  • [Added] Ability to rotate system logs
  • [Added] Ability to remove the logo
  • [Added] Ability for your users to revoke credit card
  • [Added] Favicon when the logo is uploaded
  • [Added] Ability to show renewal date for customers
  • [Added] Ability to select a database type for customer server creations
  • [Fixed] DNS records would not always display properly
  • [Upgraded] TailwindCSS 2 > 3

10 February 2022


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