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It’s been one of the most requested features since we ever started Ploi, and now it’s finally here: Docker support! 🐳

We did a BETA test for a small week with users from our Discord community and we can safely say we’ve landed on a pretty good basis. You can now easily install Docker servers via the server creation screen.

We’re not stopping there though, as we’re learning Docker as we go, we still value feedback very much on this new feature. That’s why we ask you, if you have anything, feel free to submit that to our roadmap.

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File backups status

As most of you know, we’ve been refactoring the site file backups feature, and while most has been done, we’re still frequently asking for feedback on how this is going. We haven’t heard anything in a while which makes it seem to be stable enough: but we want to be sure.

If you still experience issues, like no notifications for a failing backup, please report! We’re eager to look into that and solve that along the way.

That being said, we also did raise the backup time from 25 minutes to 35 minutes, which is fairly high. If you’re still hitting this limit, we’re recommending other backup solutions or try to narrow down your backup folder to only backup the files & folders you actually need. (Most of the time this could be user-uploaded content for example).

Changelog Ploi

  • [Added] Docker support
  • [Added] Ability to select PHP version when spawning a site queue worker
  • [Added] Backups now show how long they took
  • [Added] Ability to patch PHP versions
  • [Added] Support for type ecdsa-sha2-nistp521 SSH keys
  • [Added] Ability to run multiple servers behind 1 IP address
  • [Added] When you upgrade your subscription, you will now receive an email containing the invoice as well
  • [Added] Ability to edit Google Drive folder ID for backups
  • [Added] New command for Statamic: static:warm
  • [Added] Deploy script suggestions are back again
  • [Updated] We migrated from Vue 2 to Vue 3
  • [Updated] All modals have been rewritten to have their own routes & logic
  • [Updated] You can now resize modals to fullscreen (and this saves to your local storage)
  • [Updated] Monaco editor has been updated to the latest version
  • [Updated] Backups overview now has a wider container
  • [Updated] File backups can now take 35 minutes instead of 25 minutes
  • [Updated] Rollbacks are now logged as well
  • [Updated] Notification channel labels are now editable in your profile
  • [Updated] Validation for network rules, can’t start with a 0
  • [Updated] Dropbox backups now use refresh tokens confirm with their latest updates for new clients
  • [Changed] Increased delay for DigitalOcean server installations before Ploi starts installation
  • [Changed] Native push notifications now use emoji’s for clarity
  • [Changed] The button to cancel your subscription from “Delete” to “Cancel”
  • [Fixed] Gitlab nested repositories deeper than 3 levels was not supported, it is now
  • [Fixed] An issue with teams & members for load balancers
  • [Fixed] Updating a cronjob when the user was root, it would change the log location to the wrong folder
  • [Fixed] Bug when pausing a cronjob, it would return a smaller list because of a logic issue

Changelog Ploi API

Changelog Ploi Core

Version 2.4 released:

12 August 2022


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