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Ubuntu 22 has been out since April 22, 2022, and it was time we started supporting this new LTS OS as well. Not all providers support this OS yet, but the ones that do, are now available to be installed via Ploi πŸ™

If you’re currently on an older version of Ubuntu, don’t worry, the end of life of those (and that’s why we only provide LTS) is over the year 2028. To give you a small example, Ubuntu 18.04 LTS end of life is the year 2028, Ubuntu 20.04 LTS end of life is the year 2030 and Ubuntu 22.04 LTS end of life is the year 2032, so plenty of time to provision a new server later. More on that here:

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From our perspective, we can’t recommend upgrading from an older Ubuntu version to a newer version within your existing server. The best is to provision a fresh server and migrate sites/data over slowly. This ensures you have a fresh server, all services run with the latest updates and you do not have to migrate/upgrade/update any packages to make it work.

Changelog Ploi

  • [Added] Ubuntu 22 support πŸŽ‰
  • [Added] Ability to manage Meilisearch keys (including permissions)
  • [Added] Ability to edit notification channels in your profile
  • [Added] Craft CMS logs tab
  • [Added] Ability to specify path styled endpoint for S3 backups
  • [Added] Laravel Horizon tab & card (
  • [Added] schedule:list button to Laravel tab
  • [Added] Active label to IP lock section in security tab from your profile to see which lock is being used at the current time
  • [Added] {COMMIT_AUTHOR} deploy script variable to get the name of the author of the deployed commit
  • [Added] Banner for Russian users and how to manage their payments
  • [Added] Site level cronjobs
  • [Added] When using global search, you may now also search for system users for a site
  • [Changed] Database backups occur now earlier in the night when selected nightly interval
  • [Improved] Gitlab’s deeper project selector when cloning or updating the repository is now recursive
  • [Improved] Site monitoring is now much more stable and reliable
  • [Improved] Server build speeds, we now poll within a minute to see whether the server is ready from the server provider to be installed, this increases the build time a lot (this only counts for server provider installations)
  • [Improved] Unable to proxy a wildcard record for Cloudflare in DNS tab
  • [Improved] Validation for synchronized deployments now validates properly
  • [Improved] Site file backups, now using the complete relative path to the zip for more consistency
  • [Fixed] Backup pagination when pausing/unpausing backups
  • [Fixed] All team permissions selectable are now correct in create & edit forms
  • [Fixed] When spawning a NodeJS server with supervisor, the wrong system user would spawn the process, respawning solves this
  • [Fixed] When configuring a site file backup with SFTP and SSH key, it would display the wrong SSH key if a custom system user was used

Changelog API

04 May 2022


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