Staging to production sites feature is live 🥳

We have released a very awesome new feature, called staging sites! Easily enable the staging site by just clicking "Create Staging Site", it is as easy as that.Ploi will handle everything in the background for you, we even create a DNS record for yo...

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AWS S3 Database Backups have arrived

Yes! You are now able to backup your databases to your S3 bucket 🚀 We have had a huge amount of requests for S3 backups ( and basically this is just the beginning. We will also...

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Synchronized deployments

You can now easily synchronize deployments across multiple domains! We personally ran into this where we needed to keep our uptime monitor servers code in sync, and where deploying them all manually each time, this was a pain and cumbersome. Just vis...

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Ploi partnered with DigitalOcean 💙

We are very proud to announce we have established an official partnership with DigitalOcean, this partnership is a big step for us moving forward. 👏 Soon we will announce what our plans are with this partnership, but we can assure you: it w...

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AWS EC2 support has arrived 👏

We are excited to announce that we have released AWS EC2 support, you can now easily use the Amazon integration right from the Ploi system. Ploi will automatically select the newest official Ubuntu 18.04 LTS release for you to be installed. We also...

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Recap Ploi 2019 🎇

2019 was a busy year for Ploi, as a new upcoming server management tool we have grown bigger and bigger. We started great in 2019 with the UpCloud partnership ( and with a lot of features....

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