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Happy New Year! πŸŽ†

Let’s make this year great again without any hassle of managing your servers and sites, let Ploi handle that πŸ€“

We’ve already got awesome things planned for this month and for the whole year πŸš€

Mobile App Testing πŸ“±

Those who are active in our Discord server might have noticed we’ve begun testing a whole new fresh mobile app. This email also includes a public link for you to test the mobile app! 

Test the apps here:


Android: (still in review, might not be available yet)

New web server ✨

Last Sunday, we migrated to a fresh web server separating the workers from the web which is better for the overall infrastructure. This should not affect your server too much, but it might result in connection issues when editing your .env file or NGINX configuration.

If you do use strict IP whitelisting, we recommend checking your firewalls against our IP addresses here (make sure you’re logged in):

Disk usages πŸ€” 

Recently, we added the ability to see how much disk usage your sites have:

This feature is available for all users on the Pro or Unlimited plan! 


  • [Added] FrankenPHP octane support
  • [Added] Site disk usages on overviews and API
  • [Added] Server cloning (will be publicly available next week)
  • [Improved] Octane tab removed save button, spawn button is enough
  • [Fixed] Deployments via API would always assume their scheduled, this is fixed now (didn’t affect usability)

02 January 2024


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