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As of July 1st, 2024, we’ve changed the legal form of our company. You might have already noticed this when you opened a recent invoice from us:

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If you use our VAT number to do your bookkeeping, make sure you change that. Our new VAT number is: NL866641658B01

Bug fixing month?

You might of noticed we didn’t release that many features in the last 2 months, and while we actually did release quite a few, we didn’t announce them as big as we used to do normally. From May, until the end of July this year, we try to focus as much as possible on increasing our infrastructure, fixing pesky bugs, and tackling small quick QOLs. We’re trying to make the already stable Ploi, even more stable to prepare for the future!

What’s cooking in Ploi HQ?

Obviously, we have been cooking a lot of cool stuff; multiple DNS provider support, the ability to clone staging/production sites completely, PM2 improvements with ecosystem.config.js and many, many more. Obviously, if you have any idea’s feel free to submit them to our roadmap or Discord!


[Added] Ability to always use isolated system users so you don’t always have to open advanced settings anymore (enable in profile)

  • [Added] Ability to edit redis configuration for default server type (manage tab)
  • [Added] Ability to read redis logs in logs tab (dropdown)
  • [Added] Ability to close modals with ESC key
  • [Added] Ability for users to completely remove their accounts
  • [Added] testing domain added
  • [Added] Ability to download Let’s Encrypt certificates directly from the panel
  • [Fixed] Bug in test domains that would always say it was successfully created while it might not
  • [Fixed] Move site system user now also works for team users
  • [Fixed] Clone site now also properly respects custom SSH ports
  • [Fixed] Clone database now also properly respects custom SSH ports
  • [Fixed] Security issue with PHP FPM sockets, this has been patched now, older sites will automatically be patched in batches (thank you Vladimir!)
  • [Fixed] Issue with deploy script suggestions modal keep turning back when changing page, or editing environment file for example
  • [Fixed] Issue with deploy script editor and variables, if you’d start typing {SITE_ and entered through on a variable you’d get {{SITE_PHP}} with double brackets
  • [Fixed] Documentation search is more comprehensive and smart now
  • [Fixed] Documentation search no results now actually shows no results alert
  • [Fixed] Issue where PermitRootLogin in SSHD config would not be set properly to no with fresh installations
  • [Fixed] Dark mode issue with SSL expires label on sites overview
  • [Fixed] Tenant SSL certificate request via DNS provider is now properly validated, email field removed
  • [Fixed] Minio installation would not always succeed because of missing installation steps
  • [Fixed] Typo in the site file backup succeed email (thank you Sam!)
  • [Fixed] Issue when you used SFTP as backup driver and had spaces in backup path, these are now escaped
  • [Fixed] Issue with DigitalOcean spaces and using site file backups using incorrect regions and would fail
  • [Changed] Company VAT number has changed to: NL866641658B01
  • [Changed] We used to save the plans in the database, this is unnecessary and causes additional queries which are useless, this is now hardcoded and migrated
  • [Changed] Script code content increased to 7500
  • [Changed] AWS CLI installation has been moved to snap instead of apt

04 July 2024


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