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Ubuntu 24.04 support has finally arrived! All providers have been updated, tested, and checked to see whether 24.04 would be stable enough, and it is! The only provider that does not have 24.04 support yet is Katapult, once they release it, we’ll obviously add this.

Ubuntu 24.04 isn’t selected by default yet, usually, we wait 1 or 2 weeks to get rid of all the possible bugs that were introduced. After this, we’ll default to 24.04 but for now, you have to switch it to 24.04 manually when you create a server.

Should I upgrade?

"If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it", in other words; no, we don’t advise upgrading existing servers. 

You can view all the release cycles, end of support, and more details about your OS here:

From our perspective, we can’t recommend upgrading from an older Ubuntu version to a newer version within your existing server. The best is to provision a fresh server and migrate sites/data over slowly if you absolutely have or want to.

This ensures you have a fresh server, all services run with the latest updates and you do not have to migrate/upgrade/update any packages to make it work.


  • [Added] Ubuntu 24.04 support πŸ”₯
  • [Added] Ability to search on server in site file backups
  • [Added] Server clone feature
  • [Added] Ability to copy log content in a log modal including redacted
  • [Added] Ability to sort on disk size in sites
  • [Added] Ability to save composer authentication (inside PHP tab)
  • [Added] Ability to view database credentials for 1 time after creation
  • [Added] New toastr package
  • [Added] Ability to set a custom name for a backup ZIP
  • [Added] ElePHPant page 🐘
  • [Added] AWS eu-south-2 region to server creation
  • [Added] Laravel Reverb tab including composer deploy script suggestions
  • [Added] Fresh referral page
  • [Added] 30 minute timeout when you delete a server, you can delete right away, but the default is 30 minutes so you can undo the deletion
  • [Added] Ability to select all servers when adding a new SSH key in your profile
  • [Added] Ability to obfuscate the SSH login notification IP address before or after
  • [Added] Ability to search in tenants (global search also included)
  • [Added] Ability to set a port for public and server for storage servers (minio)
  • [Added] New deploy script variable {DEPLOYMENT_SOURCE} to get the source from the deployment
  • [Improved] 2FA disabling now requires to enter the token for extra security
  • [Improved] Whenever an SSL request fails, you will be presented with a modal with the direct failing result
  • [Fixed] 2FA feature input fields has now changed to 1 complete input, for better understanding
  • [Fixed] A bug inside the database clone modal with the wrong server types
  • [Fixed] A bug inside the opcache enabled, would always popup again after ignoring/fixing
  • [Fixed] A bug when you had quick deploy on with Gitlab and the webhook couldnt be found anymore, it will just disable quick deploy for you
  • [Fixed] A bug inside the FTP backup driver for the wrong path (could not find *.zip error)
  • [Fixed] A bug when deleting a cronjob that was attached to a site, it would let all the cronjobs dissapear and on a refresh they’d be back again
  • [Fixed] Site suspension was broken due to a configuration error, this is fixed
  • [Removed] Docker version statement from default docker compose file

08 May 2024


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