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The origin

Once upon a server, in the vast lands of the internet, the Ploi Elephpant was coded into existence. Born from a brainstorm that struck like a lightning bug in a dark room, it quickly became the mascot of innovation and efficiency.

Legend has it, the Elephpant is made from the same blue pixels that light up our screens during those late-night coding sessions. Its creation was fueled by coffee, good humor, and a dash of PHP magic, making it a rare sight in the wild world of web development.

ElePHPant 1

Take care of ElePHPant

Caring for a Ploi Elephpant is easier than debugging code without error messages. First, ensure it has a comfy spot on your desk, where it can bask in the glow of your monitor. Elephpants thrive on positive vibes and creative energy, so regular coding sessions are a must.

Occasionally whisper sweet lines of code to it; it prefers PHP but is multilingual. Remember, a well-loved Elephpant boosts your coding mojo and keeps server gremlins at bay.

Acquire one

Want to adopt your very own Ploi Elephpant? It’s simple! These blue companions are exclusive to the Ploi community and can be found accompanying us at various tech conferences. To secure one, join us at events that Ploi attends.

Be on the lookout for the Ploi booth or any signs of blue β€” you might just walk away with an Elephpant under your arm. Engage in a bit of tech banter with us, and who knows? You might earn yourself a new desk buddy.

ElePHPant 1
* The ElePHPant design is an official design by Vincent Pontier.
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