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A new update long due! 

We've been busy with a lot of cool stuff in Ploi, some of them that are already released and some of them are already available. When you check out our roadmap ( on the live section you'll see a lot of new stuff has been added, certainly worth it to check out this list.

We're also planning on doing more video tutorials on how to solve specific problems or setup specific use-cases. You're more than welcome to submit your idea's to this card so we can transform this into a video:

Planned maintenance
Due to the growth we are improving our server power. The planned maintenance is on February 16th at 08:00 CET, and it is expected to last about 30 minutes or less. During this time you will not be able to manage servers/sites via Neither will any of your services go down, everything will still keep on going like you're used to from

You may now easily migrate from Forge
Felix Schmid recently created an awesome tool to migrate from Forge to Ploi. The tool covers all the basics (and a bit more) to migrate everything to have a flying start. A migration costs 19€ and if you have more servers the price goes down. Check out for more information.

  • [Added] Ability to rotate AWS site file backups
  • [Added] Ability to synchronize databases to Ploi that have been created outside of Ploi
  • [Added] Database backup failures are now notified via email as default
  • [Added] Ability to add favicon to status pages
  • [Added] Global backup overview to manage your database & site file backups more easily
  • [Added] New filter on site overview to see which sites have backups or not
  • [Added] Ability to set a redis server password
  • [Added] Ability for team members to create servers with the new permission
  • [Added] Ability to select a SSH key from your profile to provision to your server
  • [Added] Projects overview now shows how much servers there are inside that project
  • [Added] Ability to select a toast notification position in your profile
  • [Added] Ability to select a default server provider so you need less clicks upon server creation
  • [Added] Ability to change to a custom repository when changing the repository remote
  • [Added] GIF image added to the email testing notification
  • [Added] Linode servers now get the label/server name passed in properly to reflect in Linode itself
  • [Added] Ability to create sites via sites overview
  • [Improved] A lot of dark mode improvements!
  • [Improved] Health URL check is now much smarter
  • [Improved] SSL icon on sites overview now has a nice tooltip with more information about the certificate
  • [Improved] phpMyAdmin installation is now done differently (not using APT anymore, using a direct download)
  • [Improved] General grammar errors
  • [Improved] Interactive command validation, added php artisan wink:migrate check for missing β€”force flag
  • [Improved] Team invite link is now valid for 24 hours, instead of 1 hour
  • [Updated] SV language (
  • [Updated] Load balancers now use HTTP2 version forced
  • [Fixed] Team members couldn't edit DNS, now they can
  • [Fixed] DNS key for Hetzner & TransIP would be mixed with validation reporting, is now fixed
  • [Fixed] Composer version changing didn't work properly (between version 1 & 2), this is now fixed
  • [Prepared] Preparations for PHP 8.1 have been started
Changelog Ploi Core
  • [Changed] Pricing changed to a definitive price of 99€ (125$) per month
Changelog Ploi API
Glenn has created a GitHub action to easily deploy from your GitHub actions, you can find this here:

10 February 2021


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