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Just recently, we’ve added three new 1-click installers which makes installing software a breeze.

These three 1-click installers have been added:
  • Statamic 💜
  • Craft CMS ❤️
  • Matomo 💚
With Statamic & Craft CMS you may easily let Ploi create a repository for you. While this might not sound logic at first, via this way you can clone locally and deploy right away with Ploi.

It also easily opens up the ability to try out any of these CMS systems which is great.

With that we’ve also released another security feature in Ploi to protect your account even more. You may now "IP lock" your account which means that your account is not accessible when the IP is not whitelisted.

When you try to access from a new location, we’ll send you a email containing a token that you can fill in to regain access to your account again. 

  • [Added] 1-click Statamic installer ✨
  • [Added] 1-click Craft CMS installer ✨
  • [Added] 1-click Matomo installer ✨
  • [Added] Account IP lock feature ✨
  • [Added] Whole new design for confirmation alerts
  • [Added] New deploy script suggestions for Statamic projects
  • [Added] Drop blur for modals & confirmation modals
  • [Added] Invoice link to subscription page
  • [Added] New "Users" tab in databases tab to assign database users to other databases
  • [Added] Laravel Octane deploy script suggestion to the deploy script suggestor
  • [Changed] DigitalOcean plans now display in sub groups to provide more readability
  • [Changed] Branch "master" now defaults to "main" for Github projects
  • [Fixed] Creating new folders & files in file explorer may now contain a - character
  • [Fixed] Deleting network rule with protocol from specific IP address wouldn’t delete properly
  • [Fixed] AWS database backup rotation now uses the correct bucket
  • [Fixed] Some server providers do not allow underscores in server names, we updated our validation accordingly
  • [Started] Preparations for Laravel Octane & Swoole have been started… 👀

07 April 2021


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