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You might of already read it on Twitter, Discord or any other social media.

We've been cooking up an awesome addition to the Ploi family: a mobile app! Both apps have been reviewed by Google & Apple and both got approved without any problem.

You may now download the app via these links:
We'd love to hear your feedback or any suggestions, don't hesitate to get in touch with us about any!

Besides the mobile app, we've also released another nice feature that allows you to bulk assign notifications to deployment notifications for example. You can find the bulk notifications button on your profile -> notification channels tab.

  • [Added] Mobile app now available! (
  • [Added] Ability to bulk assign notifications
  • [Added] API tokens are now expanded with permissions per entity subject
  • [Added] Amazon T3 plans available now
  • [Added] Discord link to footer frontend
  • [Added] Ploi now lets you know if debug mode is on from your Laravel app
  • [Added] Statamic projects are now much better supported (specific Statamic tab available)
  • [Added] Ability to enable DigitalOcean backups upon server creation
  • [Added] Site details to settings tab in site level (ID, creation)
  • [Added] Ability to specify a channel when using slack notifications
  • [Added] Ability to read letsencrypt log in panel (from /var/log/letsencrypt/letsencrypt)
  • [Added] Ploi now allows ecdsa-sha2-nistp256 SSH key types
  • [Added] Ability to change timezones
  • [Added/Fixed] Ploi now forces CLI version for PHP when installing a new server
  • [Added] SSH keys for users now get correct comments behind them
  • [Updated] All new confirm modals over the whole ploi system now (dropped alertify)
  • [Fixed] Quick deploy bugged out sometimes with wrong response errors, this has now been solved
  • [Fixed] When using email server and you rebooted, it would not work anymore because redis didn't start, solved now
  • [Fixed] Sites filter on server show was broken, works now
  • [Fixed] On small screens the sidebars left (collapsed and open) would not be scrollable, this is scrollable now
  • [Fixed] Network rule creation with multiple ports from a specific IP address was not possible, it is now
  • [Started] Working on new 1-click installers.. sssssshh..

Changelog Ploi Core
  • [Added] GBP currency
  • [Fixed] Register fix for when you had a empty or false default package setting for open registrations

Changelog Ploi API
  • [Added] Ability to restart server via API (

22 March 2021


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