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We’ve got a packed changelog once again for you today!

PostgreSQL 13 support

It’s actually been requested quite a lot, PostgreSQL 13 support. We’ve now added this and it is available for Ubuntu 18 & 20.

Just create a new server, and in the dropdown select "PostgreSQL 13".

Ploi Core is now a 1-time payment product

We’ve changed the pricing for Ploi Core definitely. It is now a 1-time payment of €149 or 180$ for one year of updates & support. After that it will still be available of course, but without updates & support.

Besides the 1-time payment, you will also need an Unlimited subscription in Ploi in order for Ploi Core to work.

More information at

Elasticsearch server support

This server type has also been requested many, many times ( and is available right away! 

Easily create your own elasticsearch server to give your search results a boost 🚀

  • [Added] PostgreSQL 13 support
  • [Added] Elasticsearch server type (
  • [Added] Ability to set your own custom template when creating new sites (
  • [Added] Ability to use 1-click marketplace scripts for clean sites
  • [Added] Warsaw region to UpCloud regions
  • [Added] Sydney region to UpCloud regions
  • [Added] {CLEAR_NEW_RELEASE} deploy script variable for zero downtime deployments
  • [Added] Server logs now show which user executed that task
  • [Added] Supervisor logs to logs tab
  • [Added] Ability to transfer server (
  • [Added] A new "Setup" tab for Laravel has been added so you can easily create the cronjob & horizon daemon
  • [Added] Laravel tab now also shows for Statamic projects
  • [Added] Ability to specify a folder inside dropbox backups
  • [Improved] Backups overview when creating backups the right tab is now selected
  • [Improved] A lot of darkmode issues have been resolved
  • [Improved] Matomo 1-click installer now does proper modifications to make it a lot more secure
  • [Improved] If a new team member signs up and gets attached to a team, the trial notification bar at the top gets removed now
  • [Improved] Service statuses tab is now sorted by name
  • [Fixed] Source for zero downtime deployment was not saved properly
  • [Fixed] Saving custom Laravel commands sometimes deleted the wrong command, fixed now
  • [Fixed] Changing the PHP max execution time in Ploi was bugged, this is resolved now
  • [Fixed] Team users could not use the file explorer if that was allowed, this is resolved now

Changelog Ploi API

Changelog Ploi Core
  • [Changed] Pricing is now €149 ($180) as a 1 time payment for 1 year updates & support (you will still need a Unlimited subscription with Ploi)

19 July 2021


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