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The perfect way to store your files

Your own file storage for your applications, it could not get any easier. Object storage with Amazon S3 support at its finest, most applications work out of the box because of the S3 support so it could not get any easier.

Ploi will help you setup a very easy maintainable storage server ready for the future. Our system offers several features to make the complete setup a breeze for you.

Another benefit is that Ploi does not save any keys to increase security, everything is being read live from your server.

MinIO software

To achieve the simplicity of object storage we have chosen to use the MinIO software. Ploi will completely handle installation for you to use directly after installation.

Minio is a complete packed object storage solution with Amazon S3 support. It features a very nice dashboard for you to use and configure buckets and manage files & folders.

Different supported server types


The generic webserver we offer comes with all the defaults installed: webserver, database, Redis, and much more. This is configurable upon installation.

Load balancer

Load balance your traffic over several webservers to distribute traffic. Our special panel makes this a piece of cake for you to configure.

Database Server

A separate database server is more scalable in the future. That's why you can install database-specific optimized servers for your applications.

Redis Server

Need a caching solution for your applications or want to store data to be fetched later temporarily? Set up a scalable Redis server easily and manage settings through our panel.

Worker Server

The worker server is meant for running PHP background tasks, such as queues. Easily scale your application by running multiple workers in different locations without a sweat.

Storage Server

Serve your own storage server, powered by the S3 compatible Minio software. You're able to safely store and host your own files without a sweat.

MeiliSearch Server

Eager to increase and speed up the search results from your website? Create a MeiliSearch server which makes searching documents real easy and quick.

Elasticsearch Server

Search petabytes of data stored on object stores like S3 in minutes. Easily 1-click create an Elasticsearch server with Ploi and be on your way.

Email Server

When you need emailing for your customers, this is the server to go for. Easily 1-click install your own mail server and manage email addresses like it's nothing.

Plain Server

A plain server? Yes. This server is a clean server, without webserver for example, but it is easily manageable via Ploi. It is up to you what you want to install on this server.

Docker Server

Docker support in Ploi allows you to run any container on your server without the hassle of setup and maintenance.

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