Storage server

The perfect way to store your files #

Your own file storage for your applications, it could not get any easier. Object storage with Amazon S3 support at its finest, most applications work out of the box because of the S3 support so it could not get any easier.

Ploi will help you setup a very easy maintainable storage server ready for the future. Our system offers several features to make the complete setup a breeze for you.

Another benefit is that Ploi does not save any keys to increase security, everything is being read live from your server.

MinIO software #

To achieve the simplicity of object storage we have chosen to use the MinIO software. Ploi will completely handle installation for you to use directly after installation.

Minio is a complete packed object storage solution with Amazon S3 support. It features a very nice dashboard for you to use and configure buckets and manage files & folders.

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