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Sometimes you might of already removed the email that contained the login credentials, or you clicked away the popup where you can retrieve these details.

In these cases we cannot provide the password for you, we only hold the password for one moment which is either;

  • When we email you your credentials or;
  • When you retrieve the password in the panel

After these moments, we remove any trace of the password for security reasons.

In order for you to reset the password, you'll have to go to your server provider and boot a server rescue console.

Here is a list of the most common server providers with a link on how to reset your password:

These kinds of articles should also be available for the server provider you're using.

26 May 2021 (last updated 1 year ago)


Written by Dennis

Dennis brings over 6 years of hands-on experience in server management, specializing in optimizing web services for scalability and security.

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