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Last week we have released the ability to specify a hostname for your phpMyAdmin installation. At the same time, you can now 1-click install SSL to increase security while managing your database.

We have also done some major modifications to the load balancer view. It is now possible to specify a weight & backup per webserver you attached to the load balancer. With that we took the liberty to add the same status tab that normal servers had, to the load balancers to easily debug any problems.

In other news: We've made the Ploi Core white label demo available! 🥳

What is Ploi Core?
Ploi Core is a white label panel for you to use as webhosting panel for your customers. With Ploi as backbone, you'll be able to power-launch your webhosting company to the skies.

For more information on Ploi Core, visit

You can visit the exclusive demo at with the following credentials:
Email: [email protected]
Password: secret

  • [Added] Ability to specify a hostname & SSL for phpMyAdmin
  • [Added] Global database backup configurations
  • [Added] Global file backup configurations
  • [Added] Restore database backups from AWS support
  • [Added] Ability to deny specific rules in networking
  • [Added] Quick discord invite link (
  • [Added] Deploy notifications are now also triggered when a deploy fails
  • [Added] Ability to restart server
  • [Added] Ability to edit php.ini per version in PHP tab
  • [Added] Ability to define weight and backup server in load balancer settings
  • [Added] Status tab to load balancers
  • [Re-Added] Ability to view the script output when running scripts on servers directly on the same page
  • [Fixed] When adding a new SSH key, provisioning to selected servers didn't work properly
  • [Fixed] Issue for file backups where large portions of zipping output was saved, this is useless and has been removed
  • [Fixed] Monitoring screenshot frontend was missing
  • [Fixed] Issue in load balancer settings when a variable was not set
  • [Fixed] Issue where team members where unable to do management with FastCGI cache

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17 August 2020


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