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We partnered with UpCloud! ?

UpCloud is a cloud hosting company and states that they provide the fastest cloud servers (generally speaking they tell everyone they are 50% faster than other hosting providers are, which is a big statement and really saying something!).

Their numbers don’t lie; they claim to even provide faster servers than DigitalOcean does:

Throughout partnering we’ve had contact with several UpCloud employees because of the integration, and al of them; were really friendly, responded swiftly and accurately.

Recently UpCloud rebranded completely; their whole style and website has changed to a more slick & fluent design.

Currently Ploi is hosted with DigitalOcean, but we are changing our infrastructure to several UpCloud servers which will be load balanced. We do recommend UpCloud as server hosting provider as they have proven themselves more than enough.

UpCloud is fully integrated in our panel, easily add your UpCloud account in your Ploi profile so you can create UpCloud servers straight from our panel!

Use this link to get a 25$ credit on your UpCloud account:

21 December 2018


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