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Storage servers are now available

Your own file storage for your applications, it could not get any easier. Object storage with Amazon S3 support at its finest, most applications work out of the box because of the S3 support so it could not get any easier.

Ploi will help you setup a very easy maintable storage server ready for the future. Our system offers several features to make the complete setup a breeze for you.

Another benefit is that Ploi does not save any keys to increase security, everything is being read live from your server.

Website and server monitoring

We have also been working on some adjustments for our monitoring systems. Soon you’ll be able to set up notification channels for site monitoring, SSL checks & mixed content. We hope to release this before the new year, so stay tuned.. ?

New roadmap!

We have moved away from Trello and started with Upvoty as roadmap now, you can visit our roadmap here:, it is also possible to sign up and subscribe to cards so you can stay up to date when we change status so you know what you’re up against.

Other important updates

  • Prepared: PHP 7.4 (not released yet)
  • Added: Ability to add a new credit or debit card
  • Added: Storage type servers!
  • Changed: Rotating server logs is now more efficient
  • Changed: /roadmap now routes to the new roadmap from UpVoty
  • Changed: The way server connections where handled at night (to check if Ploi can still connect to your server)
  • Changed: Frontend design has more CTA cards now
  • Started: On status pages ?
  • Fixed: Fix for SSH keys creating in authorized_keys file
  • Fixed: Composer package suggestions had an error, this has been resolved now
  • Fixed: Server monitor had a bug with disk size, this has been resolved now
  • Fixed: SSL table had a bug with long root domain names, this has been resolved now
  • Fixed: When the notifications in the header dropdown where too long, it would adjust size as well, this has been resolved now
  • Fixed: Total used places for notifications in profile counter did not show all used places, it does now
  • Fixed: Fixed an issue with changing web directories, this works properly now
  • Removed: Servitor integration

14 November 2019


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