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Important change to notifications ?

We are currently changing the way the notifications are handled in Ploi and want our users to be able to customize more in what they receive and where they receive notifications.

Thats why you can now define ‘Channels’ inside your profile in order to use those at places like server monitor or server updates. You can setup Slack, Discord and E-mail channels, we are working on more drivers like RocketChat.

To be able to receive notifications for server monitor, you may now attach your created channels to a server monitor notification. Just press the “Channels” button after the created notifications.

We are still working on the channel support at every notification ability that we offer, expect this real soon.

Telegram notification support

Following up on the important change from above, we have also added support for Telegram notifications. You can link your telegram account inside your profile under the API keys tab and then create a channel for it so it can be used for notifications.

S3 server type support

We have started on the ability for our users to create their own S3 supported servers, this feature is nearly done and requires some thoroughly testing before we can release is, but expectations are that we will be able to release this the beginning of november this year.

Pricing change to Unlimited plan

To keep improving our services we have decided to raise the price for the Unlimited plan from €25 to €30, this change will come in effect on the 25th of October 2019. Existing customers with an active automatic subscription will keep on the €25 price unless they cancel and restart their subscription.

Smaller updates

  • Fixed: team members where not able to search on sites in their teams
  • Fixed: hourly site file backups where not enabled yet
  • Fixed: WYSIWYG editor for support modals where bugged
  • Fixed: specific e-mail validation in teams section, it allowed ' characters which are not valid
  • Changed: frontend pricing now has a proper toggle button for yearly pricing
  • Added: ability to read Apache2 logs when server is a hybrid version
  • Added: ability to delete server through API
  • Added: hashtags to titles on the frontend pages for linking
  • Added: API featured block to frontend landing page

21 October 2019


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