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We've received an awesome request by one of our users a while back to implement a view where you could see an overview of all the important services and their status. You can read more up on the request here:

We found this to be an excellent feature in Ploi and processed it! You can now visit the 'Status' tab on the left hand side in server level and see an overview of your services and their status. You can also request their specific status by pressing the "Status" button. This makes debugging easier as it will include an error code if something is wrong.

You also have the ability to start, stop and restart services from that tab to restart specific services: giving you even more control over your server easily by a click on the button.

As always we include a changelog at the bottom for you to read what has changed since the last newsletter that has been sent, and if you did not receive that check out the latest news article, this contains the changelog as well:

If you have any suggestions or feedback, you are more than welcome to leave it on our roadmap:


  • [Added] Service status tab ?
  • [Added] Status page management in API (
  • [Added] If you have cloudflare attached and create a subdomain in ploi that exists in cloudflare, it will also link that domain so you can manage DNS
  • [Added] Ability to provide passwords to the ZIP for database backups
  • [Added] More strict validation for when using interactive commands in a deploy script
  • [Added] Ability to update IP address when the server got unreachable and user was presented with an unreachable screen
  • [Added] Ability to deploy SSH keys from your profile to multiple servers at once
  • [Added] Ability to see backup path for site file backups
  • [Added] Ability to delete single log items or select a few to delete those
  • [Added] Ability to synchronise environment files (.env)
  • [Added] Ability to disable incident log for status pages when there are no incidents present
  • [Added] Notification when quick deploy was triggered but could not deploy with a specific reason included
  • [Changed] Dropped reCaptcha from Google and added a honeypot as recaptcha
  • [Improved] Support tickets now give documentation suggestions according to your ticket title to help you
  • [Improved] Fail registration for deployments
  • [Fixed] Hetzner server provider does not accept _ characters, fixed to cast to - now
  • [Fixed] Fix for hostname while installation when invalid characters are present in server name
  • [Fixed] Several fixes for team members not being able to do actions they should be able to do
  • [Fixed] Default placeholder URL for Gitlab in commits tab

09 April 2020


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