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Development is at full steam! We’ve been working hard delivering you a better server management experience, as always.

Restoring databases

Restoring your database has never been easier, just click the β€œFiles” button behind your backup setting and select the backup you want to restore to your database. Make sure that whenever you decide to restore your backup that the database could be unavailable for a brief time as it is processing the backup. We recommend to put your application in a maintenance mode if possible.

Currently restoring databases is available for Dropbox & local, we are working on the other drivers to support this.

Duplicating databases

In addition to that, you can now also duplicate your database. This can be especially handy if you want to setup a quick development or staging site with actual data. 


  • [Added] Ability to restore database backups ?
  • [Added] Ability to disable status page branding
  • [Added] Server tokens are now off by default (NGINX webserver does not show version number anymore)
  • [Added] An overview of servers that have monitoring installed
  • [Added] Ability to duplicate databases
  • [Added] Ability to specify a system user name when creating a site
  • [Added] Ability to search on domain aliases in mega search
  • [Added] Pacific timezones to profile settings
  • [Added] Ability to create wildcard domain aliases (like: *
  • [Updated] Staging feature now has more settings to customise better to your needs
  • [Updated] Scripts that did not contain the -y flag with apt update or install commands validation is improved
  • [Fixed] Additional site deploy scripts where not considering the owner of the server, team users would get denied access
  • [Fixed] Adding network rules for both TCP/UDP on same port was not possible
  • [Fixed] A lot of design inconsistencies in the panel have been resolved

20 March 2020


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