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We’ve been working on this awesome new feature called "Insights" for quite a while now. Our BETA testers were able to test out this feature and submit suggestions to this addition to Ploi.

We are happy to announce that "Insights" is now available for everyone (subscription required)!

Server insights is a great feature by Ploi that allows you to get help with optimizations. A good example could be the max_children being reached for PHP. Ploi will help you discover these errors and help you fix these.
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Ploi will check obvious log files, service statuses, and more to determine whether there are optimizations possible for your server. You can visit the insights on server level, on the left hand side press "Insights".

Currently, it will check for these optimizations:
  •  PHP max_children reached, per PHP version and per pool
  •  Check if supervisor is running without using it
  •  Check if Node could use an LTS update
  •  Check if the system clock is in sync
  •  Check if the load average is high for a longer period of time
  •  Check if the MySQL/MariaDB binlogs are growing and filling up your disk space
Ploi will also allow you to automatically fix these optimizations, so you don't have to worry about difficult configurations.

Server service notifications
There is nothing more annoying to discover one of your services isn’t running. This is why we introduced the ability to attach notification channels per-service. Easily get notified through one of your favorite notification channels about the status of your service.
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  • [Added] New editor in Ploi monaco has been added
  • [Added] Ability to select a script as default deploy script
  • [Added] Webhook to deploy staging to production site (visible in production site)
  • [Added] When a server is unreachable, it now also shows a list of sites that are affected
  • [Added] Team member administration now shows truncated email addresses for clarity
  • [Added] Live deploy log (and log items) should now be colorized
  • [Added] Ability to attach notifications to service statuses so you get notified when a service like NGINX goes down
  • [Added] New York location for UpCloud server provider
  • [Added] Ability to specify task-workers for Laravel Octane when using the swoole driver
  • [Updated] UpCloud server integration to use the latest API & SSH keys authentication method for more security
  • [Updated] Health URL check delay from 5 seconds to 10 seconds after deployment
  • [Updated] NodeJS 14 is now the default (coming from 12), upgrade article:
  • [Fixed] Gitlab subgroups repository installation is now working:
  • [Fixed] Gitlab repository list now also shows the organization and/or attached repositories
  • [Fixed] Do not allow the " character in SSH keys (breaks SSH config)
  • [Fixed] Updated minio server type to the latest variables (deprecated vars were used)
  • [Fixed] Issue with setting default site template when uninstall repository, fixed now
  • [Fixed] "Ploi" in "Ploi" (modal) issue when session expired and you clicked a link (for anyone else that’s using InertiaJS:
  • [Fixed] SSL label tooltip would not be visible for the first site, fixed now
  • [Fixed] Autocomplete fields on the login, register & password forget pages for password managers
  • [Fixed] When altering php max execution time other variables would possibly get touched as well

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29 October 2021


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