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It's one of the most requested features in Ploi: official NodeJS support. And we're excited to share to you that this is now available for everyone!

The roadmap in question should already tell you that this was a very populair requested feature:
We've made the best out of this feature already, there's no need to do any complicated configuration. It's literally a push on the button the spawn a NodeJS server with the service you desire. Currently PM2 and Supervisor are available to be used as your preferred driver to run your NodeJS server with.

It's as easy as creating a new site and while doing that select the project type NodeJS, of course, you can also do this after you’ve created a site. Ploi will then make sure the proper NGINX configuration is used to proxy your NodeJS server through NGINX. After this, you're more than welcome to add custom configuration to your NGINX host without losing this.

Next install your repository (we've got a demo repository here if you want to try: and make sure packages are installed (you can now also select `npm install` when installing your repository). After this, head over to the NodeJS tab, adjust settings to your likings and spawn the NodeJS server!

A quick demo video illustrating how easy it is (1 minute):

Besides this great news, we’ve got a packed changelog again.. Have a look!


  • [Added] NodeJS support
  • [Added] Deploy script variable {COMMIT_HASH} which returns the commit hash
  • [Added] Ability to transfer servers to another Ploi account
  • [Added] Ability to attach notifications for site uptime monitors
  • [Added] Ability to clone sites on the same server
  • [Added] Ability to force team members to use 2FA or IP lock login features
  • [Added] New default site template (
  • [Added] Ability to toggle file backup status in backups overview
  • [Added] Ability to limit sites per team, per member and per server
  • [Added] Alex (
  • [Added] Ability to copy custom commands for Laravel tab to other sites
  • [Added] Ability to view logs per deployment (message is clickable)
  • [Added] When deploy script is "dirty", and you press deploy, it will now automatically save
  • [Added] When changing a site’s domain and a file backup has been setup, that file backup will now also update domain
  • [Added] Ability to separate sites with projects just like you could with servers
  • [Added] Sites in server will now show tooltip if aliases are present when you hover on domain
  • [Added] Laravel queue tab now has backoff and memory input to be configured
  • [Added] Ability to specify a port for SFTP backups in the host
  • [Added] Animated favicon when deploying (indicating status)
  • [Added] Pricing page now has a yearly checkbox for pricing with discount (
  • [Added] MongoDB service to status list so it will be visible in status tab
  • [Fixed] Using rollback feature when site system user is different would still use default ploi user
  • [Fixed] Few responsive fixes
  • [Fixed] Few darkmode fixes
  • [Fixed] Automatic system user creation and www domains are now excluding www
  • [Fixed] Dropbox backups with specific path would fail upon rotating, this is fixed now
  • [Fixed] Hetzner DNS records had some issues, in particular with MX records, resolved now

Changelog Ploi Core

  • [New] Fresh landingpage
  • [Added] Ability for users to install custom certificates
  • [Added] Ability for admins to synchronize existing sites
  • [Added] Ability for admins to synchronize all sites & servers
  • [Added] Autofocus to login page
  • [Added] Ability to setup terms of service and privacy policy for users to accept
  • [Added] Ability for admins to see Horizon status
  • [Added] Ability for admins to see how many regions & plans a provider has when synchronizing
  • [Added] Ability for admins to select per providers which regions and plans should be available
  • [Fixed] Permission fix for server updating

Changelog API

03 September 2021


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