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As of today we’re proud to announce the Marketplace inside the Ploi panel!
What is the marketplace?
The marketplace is a place where you can share your nifty scripts with the community. As well as creating new scripts you may also copy over other scripts, or even fork them and edit them to your own likings.

There are four types of scripts:
  • Webserver templates
  • Scripts
  • Deployment scripts
  • 1-click installation scripts
This opens up a lot of possibilities, especially with the 1-click installation scripts. This allows you to install an application to your site directly from a script which another community member has submitted to the marketplace.

You can easily subscribe to the script, and then select it after you’ve installed your site to your server.

Visit the marketplace right away:

You can read more about the concept here:

  • [Added] Marketplace for scripts, 1-click installs, webserver templates & deploy scripts
  • [Added] DigitalOcean Spaces driver for backup support
  • [Added] Custom S3 driver for backup support (both databases and site file backups)
  • [Added] Ability to login with Gitlab
  • [Added] Load balancer SSL certificates can now be aliased as well
  • [Added] Watch option flag for Laravel Octane
  • [Added] New "queue:retry all" button to Laravel tab (
  • [Added] New log type added in server level under logs tab: UFW logs
  • [Added] Ability for dropbox backups to backup in sub-folders
  • [Added] Database name to confirm delete modal has been added to make sure you’re deleting the right one
  • [Updated] Server queue log viewing is now rotated so you alway see latest first
  • [Updated] Commits tab (
  • [Updated] Global search now has a max height with scrolling and sticky headers
  • [Fixed] Cronjob under different user (
  • [Fixed] oAuth scopes for Gitlab were wrong (not enough permissions), have been added now
  • [Fixed] Server monitoring times was in wrong timezone, now uses user setup timezone

07 June 2021


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