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Some of you already might have noticed, we've just recently launched a brand new fresh design for our frontend 🥳
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With a lot more readability, a new documentation section we hope to present a much more professional look to you.

We'd love to hear what you think! 💪

With this, we also have a packed changelog again for you 😍

  • [Added] Brand spanking new design 😍
  • [Added] Laravel Octane is now available for production use
  • [Added] Ability to configure database backups with new intervals weekly & monthly
  • [Added] Label to database overview with counter of how many database backups there's configured
  • [Added] Improved cron expression validator to prevent user errors
  • [Added] Ability to view average deploy time
  • [Added] Ability to lock your account to an IP address including a label
  • [Added] Ability to suspend and resume websites
  • [Added] Support for Github emoji’s in recent deployments log
  • [Added] Ability to disable robots for status pages
  • [Added] Team servers now also get shown on the servers overview for team members
  • [Added] Server name now shows in monitoring limit emails in the content
  • [Added] When using global search it now shows server label after site names (handy if you have duplicate sites)
  • [Added] Ability to select workspaces when installing a GIT project from Bitbucket 
  • [Added] You now need to enter your password again if you want to visit Profile -> Security for improved security
  • [Added] New security page (
  • [Added] We now notify you about expiring API tokens in time
  • [Added] Recent deployments now also work for non-integration GIT providers 
  • [Added] Documentation articles in frontend now also show latest updated date
  • [Added] Ability to install WP CLI with 1-click in the servers -> manage tab
  • [Improved] We now default to PHP 8.0 when installing a new server
  • [Improved] Git cloning repositories now has way better error handling if cloning fails
  • [Fixed] Encoding issue for live deploy log failed when mallformed characters were found
  • [Fixed] When using staging to production feature with a 1-click installer, project type was not set for production site, this is resolved now
  • [Updated] Using TW dark mode feature now instead of a 3rd party package
  • [Updated] Server monitoring statistics are now saved in a redis instance for better speed
  • [Updated] Increased the processing time for staging to production sites

Changelog Ploi API
  • [Added] Ability to suspend & resume websites (
  • [Fixed] Network rule type parameter was not accepted, it is now (tcp or udp) (

17 May 2021


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