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Database Server Type

This week we have launched a new server type called “Database server”, this allows you to create a database specific server for other servers to connect with. Currently we support MySQL & MariaDB, and we are working on MongoDB and PostgreSQL support.

This is also a step forward towards the second version on our roadmap of loadbalancing ( where it will be possible to load balance database servers and sync them between each other.

You can create a database server by creating a server like normal, and selecting “Database Server” in the type dropdown.

Server Updates

You might of already seen it, we are now displaying any open updates on the server cards and server list view.

Whenever you see any open updates you can update these by running apt-get update && apt-get upgrade in your server. You will have to re-test server connection in Ploi to refresh the label. It might be possible that not all updates have been done, this is because some packages are not upgradable by apt-get upgrade. You will need to run apt-get dist-upgrade and answer a few questions (config files which might change).

If you have any suggestions for any other server types (like worker servers for example), do let us know!

20 June 2019


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