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We’ve been working on this for a long while and it is now finally the time to release: a brand new panel.

A lot of things have been refactored and rewritten to your benefit 🤩

With this new design we increase the consistency between all the elements we use, that being said; it could be that some things are on different places from what you where used too. Not to worry, not a single feature has been dropped in this update, we kept them all 😎
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Some small finetuning & changes could occur since this is a more bigger update, the start this morning was quite rough however it is coming along very nicely!
With this update we also release the support of Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, this is when you use the server provider integration (this does not include UpCloud yet, as they do not support Ubuntu 20.04 yet). 
Of course, you can also install a custom server with this OS, make sure when you install a custom server that you select the correct OS.

  • [Added] As described above, brand new panel design 🎨
  • [Added] Sites overview
  • [Added] Ability to setup custom Laravel commands in Laravel tab
  • [Added] API now has redirects endpoints (
  • [Added] API now has custom server creation (
  • [Added] Ability to view queue worker logs
  • [Added] Ability to search in status pages
  • [Added] Keyboard shortcuts (which ones show in the search modal), if you have suggestions let us know!
  • [Breaking change] Site deploy notifications (notifications tab) is now (finally) using the new notifications system. Old setup notifications will not work anymore and will have to be setup again.
  • [Changed] Default PHP version when installing a server is now 7.4
  • [Changed] New server installations will now use Ubuntu 20.04 if installed by server provider
  • [Changed] New server installations will now use NGINX 17
  • [Changed] New server installations will now use MySQL 8
  • [Changed] We have swapped Codemirror for Codejar (for editing config files, deploy scripts)
  • [Changed] Meta has been renamed to settings
  • [Changed] FastCGI cache path more specifically to the domain itself
  • [Changed] We have closed support for non-paying customers
  • [Changed] We have removed wysiwyg editor from support, you can now use markdown in requests
  • [Fixed] When using AWS installing a storage server it would not open the 9000 port in AWS security group

12 May 2020


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