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We have had a lot of questions about Black Friday for this year, if we are participating in this discount round. Well good news, because we are!

Enjoy 50% discount to extend your current subscription for a month ? Use the following code while using manual payment on the subscription page: BLACK-FRIDAY-2019

This code will only work on the 29th of November 2019 and is usable once per account for a maximum of 1 month.


  • [Added] Ability to change repository URL
  • [Added] Ability to change the default sorting of servers on the index (check your profile settings)
  • [Added] Telegram notification screenshot has been added to the frontend notifications page
  • [Added] Ability to run database backups on demand
  • [Added] PHPRedis is now installed by default on all new servers (you can install it on your current server using our documentation article)
  • [Added] API servers endpoint now also displays whether server needs a reboot or not
  • [Added] SFTP password support for database backups
  • [Fixed] When leaving keep backup amount field empty error would be generated
  • [Fixed] Automatic updates notification for slack and discord didnโ€™t contain the servers name
  • [Fixed] The process of enabling and disabling OPCache
  • [Fixed] Bugfix in Daemonโ€™s tab where it would not display users field if it did not contain custom system users
  • [Changed] Updated Vultr logo to their new logo
  • [Updated] Updated our WYSIWYG editor to latest version

20 November 2019


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