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In this FAQ, we'll guide you through the steps to edit the php.ini configuration file for your PHP settings. This file controls various PHP settings on your server, such as memory limits, file upload sizes, and execution times. Adjusting these settings can be crucial for optimizing the performance and security of your applications.

Select your server

Identify and click on the server you wish to configure. This will bring you to a specific server dashboard where you can manage all aspects of your server's setup.

Access the PHP Settings

Within the server dashboard, locate and click on the PHP tab. This tab will show you various PHP-related settings and configurations.


Edit PHP Configuration

Find the Edit button associated with the desired PHP version. Next a dropdown will open, where you can select Edit FPM ini to edit your PHP ini file.

Select PHP version

Make Your Changes

You can now edit your PHP settings directly in the text editor provided. Adjust settings such as upload_max_filesize, post_max_size, memory_limit, and any other relevant directives based on your needs.

PHP ini contents

Save and Apply Changes

Once you've made the necessary modifications, click the Save button to apply your changes. It may be necessary to restart PHP or the web server for the changes to take effect.

13 May 2024 (last updated 1 week ago)


Written by Dennis

Dennis brings over 6 years of hands-on experience in server management, specializing in optimizing web services for scalability and security.

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