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Let's face it, your emails are useless when they don't make it to the users inbox. That's why you'll have to think about IP/hostname reputation. This guide shows you a few tips to get you started quickly and making sure you can avoid blacklists and spam complaints.

1. Don't send too much at the start

When you start sending a lot of emails right after installation you'll most likely experience to be blacklisted very quickly. You'll have to build trust with ISP's to know your emails are valid and not spam.

2. Keep checking your reputation

In this article we show you a few tools to determine what your current sender score is. If it is too low, you'll end up with emails not getting delivered, or reaching the spam folder, which is not what you want. Make sure to keep on checking the blacklists to see wether your IP is still valid to send with.

3. Create the proper DNS records

When installing a server with Ploi, we give you DNS records to setup. Don't forget to do this, it is very important so ISP's can verify your the origin sender and built trustworthiness.

4. Use a proper "name" in your email

When sending emails, you always have a sender with an email and a name. Using a proper name will reduce spam complaints and make sure users will engage with the emails as well. Each time a user opens up a email your server's IP will start to build trust with the ISP.

10 November 2020 (last updated 1 month ago)


Written by Dennis Smink

Dennis brings over 6 years of hands-on experience in server management, specializing in optimizing web services for scalability and security.

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