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It's been one of the most requested features people liked to see for Ploi: white labeling. The time is finally coming!
With Ploi Core, you'll power-launch your webhosting company. Using the ploi.io system as backbone you will be able to serve your customers your custom panel & feeling.

The scheduled release is around 20th of august, which could be moved around still. We'll also be releasing a demo of the panel soon so you can see what the capabilities are and how the panel looks & feels.
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  • [Upcoming] White label: https://ploi-core.io
  • [Added] Hetzner Let’s Encrypt wildcard support
  • [Added] Ability to add commands (small script) when rolling back deployments
  • [Re-added] Ability to remove files in file explorer
  • [Improved] Rate limiting on specific actions now take the actual URL into consideration
  • [Improved] FAQ on pricing page: https://ploi.io/pricing
  • [Improved] Newly created system users now default to sudo false
  • [Fixed] DB backups with zip password protection could not contain a β€˜&’ character, validation is updated
  • [Fixed] Installation failures for servers that had MariaDB
  • [Fixed] Quick deploy toggle was also showing for non supported GIT drivers, this should not happen
  • [Fixed] PHP version button on site level was not indicating which version it was running, it is now
31 July 2020

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