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You can now easily synchronize deployments across multiple domains! We personally ran into this where we needed to keep our uptime monitor servers code in sync, and where deploying them all manually each time, this was a pain and cumbersome. Just visit your repository tab in site level, and press "Manage synchronized deployments", this will open up a window to save sites to your repository that should be in sync once the initial site gets deployed.

By adding this feature we’ve actually also introduced a second feature automatically, it is now easier for servers that are load balanced to keep your code in sync, and in addition to that we have added a deploy button in the "Sites" tab from the load balancer so you don’t even have to go to your webservers and figure out which one to deploy.

This is because once you deploy a site through the load balancer it will automatically determine which repository is having synchronized websites and use that one to deploy (so the linked sites will get deployed as well). The sites do not have to be on the same server, you can select any site from all the servers you want to.


  • [Added] Synchronized deployments ?
  • [Added] PHP extensions window to install PHP extensions easily
  • [Added] Run scripts while creating a new server
  • [Added] Branding page (
  • [Added] Onboarding view when a new user registers
  • [Added] Teams permissions now have inherit permissions
  • [Updated] Dropped support for TLS 1 & 1.1
  • [Updated] Total repositories in dropdown for GIT cloning has increased from 20 to 100
  • [Updated] FAQ in panel is now renamed to Documentation which is more clear
  • [Updated] Status pages now always display recent incidents days (
  • [Updated] DigitalOcean plans now show more information about which type it is when creating a server
  • [Updated] A lot of tweaks to load balancing have been made to make the UX way more fluent
  • [Fixed] Ability to delete servers via API while building is now disabled
  • [Fixed] PHP 7.4 was not added to the user permission to reload
  • [Fixed] While installing a new server with custom scripts that contained ‘reboot or shutdown’ installation would break, disabled those scripts in server builder
  • [Fixed] Github social login if there was no e-mail in the return response, will now display a nice validation message

21 January 2020


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