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We have released a very awesome new feature, called staging sites!

Easily enable the staging site by just clicking "Create Staging Site", it is as easy as that.
Ploi will handle everything in the background for you, we even create a DNS record for your staging domain to make things even smoother.

When you're ready to push to production, just press the Deploy to production button and sit back.
Want to exclude files to be deployed? No problem. Specify your own list of files to be ignored from deployment.


  • [Added] Staging sites feature 🥳
  • [Added] Ability to make status pages post auto updates regarding server connection
  • [Added] Jetbrains spaces to the user keyscan
  • [Added] Manage tab to load balancers to setup automatic updates
  • [Added] Log tab to load balancers to view logs
  • [Added] Ability to edit the database configuration file (my.cnf)
  • [Added] Ability to search on internal IP addresses
  • [Added] Ability to read certbot renew log in log tab
  • [Updated] Queue’s are now created with “queue:work” instead of “queue:listen”
  • [Updated] Monitoring labels now show “N/A” if a value of 0 or none was filled in
  • [Updated] We will now always force NGINX 16 (instead of 14)
  • [Updated] Restart button for database would always show “MySQL” if any other type was installed
  • [Updated] The way deployment failed registration worked, this is now completely accurate
  • [Updated] Virtual host file for Nextcloud installations to match their new standards
  • [Updated] About page now has a timeline
  • [Fixed] Whenever a domain was added with “www.” prefixed, redirects would not follow up correctly
  • [Fixed] Whenever there where multiple ssh ports in network tab, you would not be able to delete them
  • [Dropped] Support for hybrid has ended due to instability

28 February 2020


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