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UPDATE MARCH 2020: Support for this feature has been dropped:

Added because of high demand: NGINX + Apache2 as a proxy!

With this it is possible to run any application that would also require a .htaccess file. Of course you are still able to run any application without .htaccess, this is what makes the NGINX + Apache2 combination so awesome.

Weโ€™ve set this up so the NGINX server is still your main web server, and Apache2 is running as a proxy. Basically nothing is different except another layer has been added to the stack.

To use this functionality, create a new server and select "NGINX + Apache2 Hybrid" as web server type.

It is currently not possible to upgrade an existing server to this configuration. If you are in need of .htaccess support, we recommend you provision a new server and select the โ€œNGINX + Apache2 Hybridโ€ web server type when creating a server.

04 April 2019


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