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We are still going strong and a lot of updates are incoming, so be sure to follow us on social media!

Server Monitoring

The first start has been made to our monitoring system, notifications and more specific details about your server usages will be available soon. For now users with a Pro plan or higher can install Ploi monitoring and view a chart with their statistics.


phpMyAdmin 1-click install

This is a highly requested feature, it is now possible to safely install phpMyAdmin with 1 click in your server management tab. After installing, your server will expose the phpMyAdmin dashboard @ http://{server_ip}/phpmyadmin

This can be extremely handy if you need to access it from a place other than your regular computer. (Because you can uninstall it with 1 click too)

Upcoming features..

We still recommend you to keep looking at our roadmap, because everything that is getting built, featured by users is put on there.

For now, we are working on these parts;


We are doing one more bigger refactor to our recent teams update with global permissions.


MongoDB is a highly requested feature as well, we are working on support inside our panel for this database type.

If you have anything, feature wise, bug wise, it does not matter, let us know!

29 January 2019


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