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Last time we asked you if Scaleway support was wanted, we got enough responses to actually implement this in our panel.

You can easily couple your Scaleway account to your Ploi profile and create servers with them.

For more information we guide you to this article about the update: Medium: Deploy a Scaleway server with Ploi

If you have any more suggestions about providers you'd like to see in Ploi, just let us know by leaving a reply to this e-mail!

New server building screen

We also updated our server building screen, this is the new screen that you see when your server is building with a progress bar to get a indication on how far your server is with installing:


Any more?

Next up is the server creation screen, we will update this screen to offer more fluent support to setup your server.

We are currently also looking into 'server types', this feature that we are creating will make it possible to provision servers that have specific apps. For example if you want a seperate Redis or MySQL server you can setup a server with Ploi and group them with other servers. With this feature we are simultaneously working towards the High Availability network principle, we will update you later on this feature.

26 July 2018


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